Sunday, September 26, 2004

Bedroom update

The hurricanes that have come through have proved advantageous for us! When it rains, Mike can’t work on any of his projects - that is, except ours! We’ve got the bedroom laid out, the insulation in, and the drywall hung. Here are the pics:

This is the hallway above the stairs. Notice the light! We can now turn the light on and off from both the top and the bottom of the stairs! Woo Hoo! That means, of course, that we are no longer in violation of code.

This is how the door layout turned out. We still have the original frame, and will be putting it back in place.

From inside, in much the same location as the previous pictures. The large structure is our new closet, which will be fantastic.

When we started ripping stuff out, we discovered two closets that had been closed up on the far (shared) wall. We removed one, creating an enclave, but we left the smaller, under-the-stairs closet.

We decided against lifting the ceiling to the rafters. BUT, we did decide to put a few spot, recessed lights into the new ceiling.

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