Thursday, August 12, 2010

"Save Dance Foam" Con't

Actually, these images are from before the previous post's set, but that's OK.



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"Save Dance Foam"

So... We thought we might stop down at the Whitehall sesquicentennial for an evening of sitting on a blanket listening to the local municipal band euthanize a handful of John Philip Sousa marches. About 1/2 of the way through 'The Washington Post,' Declan noticed the local fire company setting up something that involved a big bucket marked "Save Dance Foam." I suspected that Ibeza foam was on its way. I was, astonishingly, correct:




More pics coming...
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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Super Sled!

On the front of one ski, there is a window behind a fire and on top of that window, there is a clear camera and a red camera. This is the infra-red window. On the front of the other ski, there is a blue shield for making it go faster.

On the bottom is a red panel where there is another infra-red camera - it is very hard to see because it's red and blends in with the red panel.

This sky camera is at the top of the tower, at the back, where there is a box with a camera that comes out extending that takes pictures of the sky as the sled zooms.

Above the red panel is where the guy piloting the sled sits. Beside the cabin are two mechanical doors that open and close by button. The front of the cabin has a blue plastic windshield and on top there is a roof that seals the shield to the tower that holds up the sky camera.

The purpose is just that it's just a cool sled - no erase that - it saves lives and goes pretty fast since in winter there are lots of avalanches on snowy mountains.

The station that it launches from is located right on the edge of a mountain where lots of avalanches happen and on the roof of the station there is a radar that connects down by pole to an alarm. When the radar senses avalanches of snow then it mechanically rings the alarm and then a mechanical hand presses a button and opens a door for the sled to go out. And then another mechanical arm pushes the sled out onto the mountain and then it turns on its motor as it sleds down the hill.
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Monday, April 12, 2010

Even more floor repair


After the repair - on the left is the fireplace patch, which you can see below insulated with spray foam. On the right is the 'pet-effected' area, which I forgot to take a 'before' pic of.


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More floor repair

Patch repair in study
Declan's room
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Floor - before and after

Hallway from living room to kitchen


Patch repair in dining room

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Sunday, January 03, 2010