Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Many of you have emailed me with concerns about Antioch's closing, esp. after that fantastic NPR story by John McChesney. It is true. And probably unnecessary. It's all about a mismanagement and the movement away from institutions staffed enfranchised faculty to degree mills staffed by adjuncts.
The alumni board has created a fund to try to save the undergraduate college by removing it from the control of the university board: you can follow the progress at http://antiochians.org/. Please donate to the fund (the US Bank account number is in the upper left of that page). We've raised almost 1/2 million this week, but need to raise something like 39.5 million by this time next year.
Peter Bradley
PS: if you happen to have any openings for a librarian, I know a few that could use a job!