Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Dex on the Deck III

And 'honkin' the horn some more... Posted by Picasa

Dex on the Deck II

And 'honkin' the horn... Posted by Picasa

Dex on the Deck I

Chillin' in the chair... Posted by Picasa

Super Stacker

As you can no doubt tell, Dex stacked all of these himself! (well, honestly, Dad-dad helped out a little by handing him the blocks in order - but he did all the stacking!) Posted by Picasa

Backyard 'hardscape' complete!

Mike finished out Deck and set the posts (in the post-holes I dug!) last week, and this is what we've got! Looks pretty good, I must say. Sorry you can't really get a sense of the Deck, but suffice it to say that it is quite comfortable. Posted by Picasa