Wednesday, October 13, 2004

That odd lump:

I’ve decided to add my voice to the ever-growing chorus of those pointing out that Bush had a receiver-shaped lump on his back in debate 1. I’m digitizing these for use in my critical thinking class anyway, so here’s the clip:

The Lump MPG Format, 0.6M

The real question, however, is what are the penalties for cheating in a Presidential debate? Anyone who is planning to vote for Bush is doing so with the full knowledge that he’s a lying cheat - so what do they care if he lied and cheated at the debate? Can he be disqualified?

What’s the difference - fundamentally - between parroting Karl Rove simultaneously and parroting Karl Rove via memory? If the difference is merely temporal, why should we care? I mean, we all know that the guy is an idiot who merely (barely) reads the teleprompter anyway. So what’s the difference here? It seems like a matter of scale - not a matter of kind - and therefore, not something that we should be (a) shocked about or (b) angry about. It’s laughable, yes. But all of Bush’s policies are laughable. That is, if the situation weren’t so serious.

Here’s a clip of the bit of the debate where Bush said to no one “Let me finish”