Sunday, April 30, 2006

Front Porch

Is being repaired - to put it mildly. The entire thing had rotted away, and the foundation (which was sitting directly on the soil) had crumbled. But look at the new deck - the deck flooring is a trek composite product. It looks exactly like the traditional deck flooring on the house next door. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Dex, keepin' it real

Now here's the Declan we all know and love:
That's my boy. Posted by Picasa


This was our bathroom. It is no more.
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Old Construction Pics

This is the destruction - taken on Aug 6th, upon our return from London.
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So we haven't said much about the house part of this blog in a while. We finished a major project last fall that involved the destruction and recreation of the end bit of the house (remember that old, poorly built porch - and the stairs). This also required the whole house to be re-plumbed, and the two bathrooms to be rebuilt. After all that (there will be pics following), the backyard is finally starting to look like a back yard. Here it is before: 
And after:
Notice: there is actual grass growing on much of the yard! This is a huge step up: the green things in the before pic are primarily dandelion sprouts. Posted by Picasa

BIG Little

Dex reading his favorite book: BIG Little. Please excuse the expression - I caught him by surprise! Posted by Picasa