Wednesday, July 28, 2004

The Sag (update 1)

As I write this, Mike and his Dad are downstairs making frightening noises in the front room. I expect to hear cracking and groaning at any moment as the sag disappears. In the meantime, however, here are a few pics of the process:

The arrival of the cement block (to shore up the basement)

No more wall! This was the wall pictured below. You’ll notice the radiator on the left is the one that is leaning so dramatically. You’ll also notice the fine white dust covering everything. (see, this wall is built to fit the sag, so if we jack up the floor, it will in turn jack up the ceiling, which will, because of the wall in the attic, jack up the roof).

And, no more wall in the attic either! (Notice the wonderful new beam Mike installed: actually, this is a project in its own right. The beam that had been supporting this wall wasn’t tied into the foundational walls, so it had a 4 inch sag of its own - at a different point than the floor below!)

The columns have arrived!

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