Monday, June 14, 2004

Stuff 2

Now that we’ve got the stuff, we have to unpack it. And oh boy, have we got a lot of stuff:

Did I mention that some of our boxes - including the one that contained my receiver - got wet in the back of the truck?

After loading all the crap into the upstairs master bedroom, I noticed that there was a small new crack in the living room ceiling. We were planning on reinforcing this with a column in the next few months anyway, so we ran out an purchased one of these jacks from Home Depot:

It actually took an amazing amount of time to find this floor jack in the Home Depot. We eventually were able to find a manager who knew where they were. You’d think that with all the old houses around here, they wouldn’t be able to keep these things on the shelves!

If you look very carefully, you’ll notice that I was able to discover yet another use for the Ikea IVAR shelves!

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