Sunday, June 20, 2004


Here I took these lovely ‘after’ pictures of the kitchen, only to discover that I forgot to take ‘before’ pictures! Oh well, you’ll have to use your imagination:

I spent this morning putting the pulls and handles on the cabinets. It’s really quite amazing how a little thing like that can change the whole look and feel of the kitchen. Note the three pictures on the wall in this photo: the two on the left are woodcuts that were purchased at Grand Rapid’s festival in 2000 (I think). The one on the right is an original photograph by our friend Denise!

This island is a new addition to the kitchen. We bought it from the local Boscovs for something like $150 less than the original price! It was also the inspiration for the pulls I installed this morning.

I love my new fridge!

I couldn’t figure out where to put the hanging pot rack. This is a fairly good solution, but it still isn’t perfect.

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