Saturday, August 23, 2008

Updates to the house

   I know I haven't posted anything about the house recently, so here are a few updates to what went on this summer. The main job was to jack up and straighten out the ceilings on the ground floor/floor of the top floor. To do that, the builder had to install a beam, so we just put a 'false' ceiling in the kitchen and dining room. The ceilings are still near 9 feet, so there is no real worry about feeling cramped, and those areas are more 'intimate' anyway.
  You'll notice the hard-wired smoke and CO2 detector that is installed in the hallway. The house is not up to code - it has even been inspected by an electrical inspector! Whooo hoo!

In that process, he removed the ceiling in the living room, and pulled out the old wall that had closed up the stairs. The banister is one he built.

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