Monday, February 11, 2008

Declan Dictionary

Declan has recently demonstrated an remarkable talent for lexicography. Here is a recent sampling of his repertoire:

Proveit (n) [3 syllables: Prove-e-it] a troveit that does move. (and it stops when it sees this (i.e. the printer)).
Troveit (n) [three syllabus: Trove-e-it] a thing that stops and chews over here (by the door).
Scoat (n) Something that goes up in the air.
Lifescoat (n) A balloon that goes up in the air and winches things up.
Stiped (adj) Something 'boyish' (maybe, as it was most recently used to refer to juice!)
Peeger (proper name) a little otter (See 'Peeker')
Peeker (proper name) a little otter who, with his brother Peeger, lives on whoogala (Who-Ga-La) street, which is in the wall behind our bed frame, and they often need rescuing with the winch, because they get stuck up a tree, which is also behind our bed.
Heeger (proper name) daddy otter of Peeger and Peeker
Beaver (proper name) mommy otter of Peeger and Peeker.

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